Wacky Scholarships For College Students

We have heard of some pretty weird scholarships over the years, but with the growth of Social Media, the internet and the simple fact that more students are going to school then ever before has naturally lead to some wacky scholarships!

The Vegetarian Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the Vegetarian Resource Group. If you do not eat meat, fowl or fish and you promote the vegetarian lifestyle enthusiastically in your community; you are eligible to apply for this scholarship. According to the group, the applicants of the scholarship are judged according the courage, compassion, and strong commitment shown in using vegetarian lifestyle to promote peace in the world. Two scholarships, each worth $5,000 US dollars, are available. To win one, you must submit an essay that tackles 16 points, including “a perfect life in 5 years”. In your essay, you should also include restaurants that you would recommend to the non-vegetarian people.

The Twitter Scholarships

Wacky Scholarships

Twitter scholarship is another of the wacky scholarships available for college students that has obviously stemmed from Social Media. If you like to tweet, this should not be a problem for you. The scholarship is offered by the College Scholarships Foundation and it is available to the continuing college students. To apply for the scholarship, you simply send a tweet detailing how tweeter can be used to make the world a better place. Your tweet must be submitted online, and as the norm is, must be 140 or less characters. A second tweet with the link to your first tweet should then be sent to @scholarship using hash tag #scholarship. The scholarship is worth $1,400 for the winner, $140 for the first runner up and $140 for the second runner up.  Application for the scholarship is open on October every year.

The Duck Calling Scholarship

If you can sound like a duck, there might be some money in that talent. The duck calling scholarship is one of the excellent, wacky scholarships available for the college students. This scholarship is in the form of a contest, the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Call Contest. It is open every year to high school seniors from all over the United States. As a contestant, you have 90 seconds to make use of four calls – for hail, comeback, feed and mate. The contest awards a scholarship worth $1,500 to the winner, another worth $500 to the first runner up, one worth $300 to the second runner up, and finally one worth $200 the third runner up.

Duct Tape Prom ContestDuct Tape Scholarship

Imagine if every prom could be an opportunity for a scholarship. Duct tape Prom scholarship is another one of the wacky scholarships that comes in the form of a contest – the Duck Brand Duck Tape at Prom Scholarship. This contest is for the high school students seeking funds for college. It is open to all students attending prom during the spring. You can only participate in the completion as a couple. To enter, simply attend prom with the complete prom attire or accessories made using duct tape. A colored photo of you and your partner in the prom attire should then be submitted for the contest. This competition awards a scholarship worth $5,000 to each member of the couple that wins, $3,000 each for the second couple, $2,000 each for the third couple and $500 each to the other 10 couples. The winning couple is chosen based on a range of criteria including creativity, color use, originality, amount of duct tape used and workmanship.

Healthy Lifestyle Scholarship

This is a somewhat wacky scholarships available for college students. Despite its subject matter, the healthy lifestyle scholarship does not require you to be healthy and thus you can still participate even if you are addicted to junk foods. To enter, you simply submit two essays to Stay Fit: Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle, the first essay is about the importance of healthy lifestyles ( 1000 words or less) and the second one has to describe your career plan, goals and ambitions in 500 words or less. The scholarship awards $5,000 each year to the best essays.  Simple!

Name Based Scholarships

Name based scholarships are another example of truly wacky scholarships for college students. The Zolp Scholarship is one such scholarship. It is offered exclusively by the Loyola University Chicago to the students who were born with the last name “Zolp”. To be eligible, you must be Catholic and a student at Loyola University – or planning to attend college there. To apply, simply submit copies of your confirmation or baptismal certificate and birth certificate to the financial aid office of the university. The scholarship amounts awarded each varies from one year to the other depending on the number of applicants and finances available in the endowment.

The Flavor Of The Month

While most scholarship programs will ask you about your grades or financial status, this scholarship simply requires you to describe your personality in the best way possible using an ice cream flavor. To enter this extremely wacky scholarship by Scholarshipexperts.com, simply visit a local ice cream store, take a few samples of ice cream and then submit a short essay describing your personality using an ice cream flavor. Applications are open around July each year and the scholarship awards $1,500 to the person with the best essay.

The Beef Scholarship

Beef, it’s whats for dinner! While beef may be dinner for most people, it is what pays college fees for some college students. The Beef Scholarship is sponsored by the beef industry in the form of the National Beef Ambassador. The program holds a public speaking competition annually where prizes are given out in the form of college scholarships. To be eligible for the scholarship, you must participate in the competition and present a speech about food safety, beef nutrition or processes involved in the production of beef.

The Candy Scholarship

Candy Scholarship

The Candy Scholarship is sponsored by the American Association of Candy Technologist (AACT) is conceivably one of the most delicious and wacky scholarships related to food. To be eligible, you must be a college senior, junior or sophomore taking a course in food science or any other related course in a North American university. You must also demonstrate that you have an interest in the sugary confections technology. In addition, you must have a GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0. The AACT gives out a scholarship worth $5,000 every year to the winning student.

The “Lazy Scholarship”

While you may have heard about wacky scholarships, this one takes the top position. The “Lazy Scholarships“, aka the Gertrude J. Deppend Scholarship and the Voris Auten Scholarship  are awarded for not moving. It is available to Bucknell students who reside at Mount Carmel. To be eligible, you must have resided in Mount Carmel for 10 or more years, be free of drugs, smoking or drinking on a regular basis, and as the title of the scholarship insinuates you should not actively engaged in strenuous athletic activities.


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