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Wacky Scholarships For College Students

We have heard of some pretty weird scholarships over the years, but with the growth of Social Media, the internet and the simple fact that more students are going to school then ever before has naturally lead to some wacky scholarships! The Vegetarian Scholarship This scholarship is offered by the Vegetarian Resource Group. If you […]

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The 10 Best Scholarship Books

The scholarship process can be very daunting for many students as they start their journey to a hopeful debt free graduation! However, the grim reality is that there are millions of scholarships available and to have the best shot at getting these scholarships you want to make sure you have educated yourself on the tips, […]

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Scholarship “Cop-Outs” and how to avoid that inner voice

Scholarship Support The Scholarship process is hard and many times students (especially adult students) kill their scholarship hopes before they even get started by talking themselves out of it; “What’s a few hundred dollars”, “It takes to much time”, “I don’t like to write”, etc… Whether you are reading this article at a time when […]

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Scholarship Essay Tips

Scholarship essay’s are often one of the biggest ways for you to differentiate yourself from the other applicants as it allows the selection committee the really know who you are, and how you can best represent the scholarship they are giving away.  The trouble is, many times it’s hard to even get started.   We […]

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What are scholarships?

So, what are Scholarships and why are many current and prospective students mislead?  Scholarships are a very beneficial piece in the Financial Aid package that do not have to be paid back…to anyone!  Scholarships can be offered for a few hundred bucks, or they can cover your entire tuition as all scholarships aim to do […]

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