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It is often thought that Scholarships are a mythical illusion that are only created to help High School Graduates with 4.0 GPA’s get full rides to college, right? The truth is, there are over 2.3 million scholarships out there worth tens of billions of dollars! Scholarships are essentially ‘free money’ that do not have to be repaid and are offered by pretty much any University, non-profit, community and/or organization out there for all age groups! The Scholarship HQ is designed to help you get informed and take action!

Scholarship 101 What are scholarships anyways?

So, what are Scholarships and why are many current and prospective students mislead? Scholarships are a very beneficial piece in the Financial Aid package that do not have to be paid back…to anyone! Read More>>

ScholarshipsWhere can you find easy scholarships to get?

With over 26 million scholarship sites, scholarship searching is hard, but we have compiled a list of 10 easy to use sites with a brief description on how they can help you narrow down those never ending choices…Tips and tricks are also included to help make the process as easy as possible! Read More>>

Scholarship Tips5 must know Scholarship tips

While there is no magic secret to applying for scholarships, the tips in this article will get you motivated, focused and pointed in the right direction on where to start and how to ensure you have your best foot forward when you submit your applications. Read More>>

Scholarships?!?! Where do I even get started

They say the hardest step is the first one, but not when it comes to scholarships. Truth be told, taking this first step is simply looking at yourself in a different light and creating your own “personal inventory”. We all have many identifying factors about us that make us unique just for being who we are and the secret is creating this list first! Read More>>


The top 3 Scholarship “Cop-Outs” and how to avoid that inner voice

The Scholarship process is hard and many times students (especially adult students) kill their scholarship hopes before they even get started by talking themselves out of it; “What’s a few hundred dollars”, “It takes to much time”, “I don’t like to write”, etc… Read More>>

Scholarship Essay Tips

Scholarship Essay Tips

Scholarship essay’s are often one of the biggest ways for you to differentiate yourself from the other applicants as it allows the selection committee the really know who you are, and how you can best represent the scholarship they are giving away. Read More>>


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