Scholarship Essay Tips

Scholarship essay’s are often one of the biggest ways for you to differentiate yourself from the other applicants as it allows the selection committee the really know who you are, and how you can best represent the scholarship they are giving away.  The trouble is, many times it’s hard to even get started.   We have included a few scholarship essay tips below that will allow you to put your best foot forward by keeping to a few basic scholarship tips that will work with any scholarship application that requires an essay submission.

Top 4 Scholarship Essay Tips

Understand the topic of the essay and WHO your are writing to

 At first glance this seems like a no brainier  right?  Truth be told, many students who write essays look at the topic or question from the surface level and simply start to answer the question without any real research. Doing your research to fully understanding the mission of the particular scholarship or their core values will be a true guiding light as you write the essay.  If you come to a point in the essay where you are straying away from the mission statement or core values of that organization you will be writing yourself out of contention for that scholarship.  Keep the scholarship organizations mission statements and/or core values at the top of the document you are using to write the essay to continually keep you focused.

Mind Map your Scholarship Essay objectives

Mind Mapping” is a great way to visually outline the scholarship and break down what you want to say about yourself. Many times developing a theme will Scholarship Essay Tipshelp you in developing your essay.  As you start outline your essay keep in mind that most scholarship committees like to see the standard essay format that consists of the introduction, body paragraphs (3 total) and conclusion.  Keep in mind that some scholarships may have different requirements, so be sure to read carefully on the format and word requirements if they happen to have any set up.

Be vivid!

Playing it safe (aka boring) on essays will not get you noticed.  As you start to write your essay make sure that you are painting a clear, vivid picture for the scholarship committee   The more concrete examples you have that support your thoughts the better as it will help to tell you story with the detail needed.  Making sure the scholarship committee wants to know more about you is crucial as it will make sure they remember you.

Peer Editing

You can stare at the same essay for hours and you will become blind to your mistakes.  Always ask for a family member, trusted fried, etc… to read through your essay and check for spelling, grammatical and structural areas to fix up.  Another added tip is to not tell the person editing your paper what the scholarship is for and/or what you are trying to convey to the scholarship committee.  If they can then identify what type of scholarship you are applying for then you  know you have fulfilled the requirements. have the person editing your paper


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