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A Private Student Loan is generally needed for two reasons:

  1. To help fill the gap between what your Financial Aid Package will cover and what the cost of attendance/tuition is at your school
  2. To completely fund your education should you be ineligible for Financial Aid

Many times private student loans are the only options to get you through school and are thus very beneficial in achieving your dream! However, private student loans are not offered through the Federal Government, so it is very wise to fully understand what private student loans are and what to look for that benefit you the most as a student borrower.

What are Private Student Loans

What are Private Student Loans?

Private Student Loans, also know as “Educational Loans” are funds available to full or part-time students that need to fill the gap between what the Federal Government allows you to borrow for school and what your actual Cost of Attendance is. Private Student Loans are offered by private lenders and not subsidized so there are trade-offs. Read More>>

Private Student LoanPrivate Student Loan FAQ’s:

Private student loans are a great way to finance the tuition not covered by Financial Aid, or to cover your entire Cost Of Attendance (COA) at your school. However, there are often many questions surrounding these loans and we have included an FAQ list in this article… Read More >>

Federal v Private

Federal Loans V.S. Private Student Loans:

The most frequently asked questions about the difference between Federal Loans and Private Student Loans are answered in this comparison chart. Everything from interest rates and repayment options to understanding if you are eligible to receive these loans based on your credit score. Read More>>

Private Student Loan interest ratesPrivate Student Loan Interest Rates:

Private student loan interest rates are looking very appealing these days, especially given the fact that some of the interest rates can be much lower than what you will find from the Federal Government and the repayment terms are becoming much more competitive. However, you need to be educated on these interest rates offered by Private lenders in order to ensure you are making the right choice in the long run Read More >>

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