Financial Aid Head Quarters (HQ)

We have the answers to all your Financial Aid questions. This extensive Head Quarter (HQ) page is full of informational articles that answer those burning questions you have in regards to your financial aid steps. This section will also clear up any confusion you may have on Financial Aid as a whole!

Financial AidWhat exactly is Financial Aid? One of the biggest misconceptions about College Financial Aid is that funds borrowed from the Federal Government do not have to be paid back. This is only partially true as Federal Financial Aid is made up of four types of aid. It is crucial that all prospective and current students understand the differences. Read More>>

Financial AidAm I eligible for Financial Aid? We have included a very straightforward Financial Aid eligibility checklist that will clearly break down what the Federal Governments eligibility requirements are for Financial Aid. Read More>>

Finding a School3 Easy steps to choosing a School? Picking the University and/or trade school you will attend is a key step prior to moving forward with the Financial Aid Process. Given that 70% of all college students will change their major at least once it is important that you pick the correct institution. Read More>>

FAFSAFAFSA Deadlines – More important than you think! Unfortunately, not all States and schools have the same deadlines on when you need to apply for Financial Aid and not knowing the deadlines can lead to missed Scholarships and Grants. Find out more about determining your FAFSA deadlines in this article. Read More>>

What is EFCWhat is EFC Anyways? Your ”EFC” is tossed around a lot while you are enrolling to college or already attending, but what does it mean and why is it so important? A full breakdown to make sure you understand what “EFC” is as well as examples on how it is calculated into your Financial Aid eligibility is covered in this article. Read More>>

Subsidized and Unsubsidized loansSubsidized v.s. Unsubsidized Loans: It is extremely important to understand the short vs. long-term affects of these two types of loans as they are ultimately funds that have to be paid back and understanding what each means and how the Federal Government determines your eligibility for each will make you an informed consumer. Read More>>

Financial Aid Award letterUnderstanding your Financial Aid Award Letter: Schools are required to send out a Financial Aid Award Letter to you once you have filled out the FAFSA. As their is no formal or standard type of Award Letter required by law they can often be vary significantly. We have provided a sample Financial Aid Award letter as well as the basics on what you need to know when reading this letter to ensure you fully understand the key components. Read More>>

ScholarshipsLook for free Financial Aid: Free Financial Aid for school comes in the form of Grants and Scholarships. The number one rule to remember when looking for a grant or scholarship to fund your education is that it should never cost you anything other than time to apply for that scholarship. There are a vast amount of scholarships out there and the best practices, strategies and recommended scholarships and grants are discussed in much more detail on our Scholarship Head Quarters (HQ) page. Read More>>

Responsible borrowingEnsure you have the funding needed: We have outlined two different scenarios to show you the impact of borrowing responsibly, searching for scholarships and/or just taking out the max in Student Loans. Although it may not always be possible to be completely debt free after graduating from College, you can put forth the effort prior and during each school year to be confident that you will be financing your education smartly.Read More>>

GrantsFederal Grants:Simply applying for Financial Aid by completing the FAFSA automatically puts you in a situation to receive at least 1 of the 4 grants issued by the federal government. These specific Grants do not have to be repaid and require virtually no extra work from you as the student as they are need based and the information is gathered from your FAFSA.Read More>>


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