FAFSA Deadlines Are Not Created Equally

FAFSA Deadlines

The Federal deadline for Financial Aid is very straightforward and for that reason we will simply give it to you, June 30th, 20xx.  This is for all students wanting Financial Aid for the 20xx – 20xx Academic Year.  The academic year according to the Department of Education (DOE) runs from July 1st – June 30th every year, like clock work.  The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is where all potential and current students should apply for Federal Financial Aid.  The good news is that it is available all year, and is the most important step in securing Financial Aid.  FAFSA is updated on January 1st of every year and filling out the FAFSA is free and does not commit you to any College. The FAFSA can also be filled out electronically or paper.  In Fact, you can name up to 10 colleges on the application and make corrections later if needed.  However, it is highly recommended to read our article “3 Easy steps to choosing a school”  to ensure you are selecting the right school based on your desired outcomes.  This will not only save you the headache of having to go back into your FAFSA and make changes should you change your school,but more importantly it will keep your attention focused on choosing the right school for you.

All FAFSA Deadlines Are Not Created Equally

Many States have their own recommended deadlines outlining when you should fill out your FAFSA  this is mainly because each state has their own programs and processes on when and how they will asses your Federal grant eligibility and scholarship opportunities.   Knowing these deadlines are extremely important and many states offer huge support to those who meet the deadlines and qualify.  How would you like to receive $12, 192.00 in “free” money?  This is exactly what the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC) offers to over tens of thousands under the Cal Grant program.   We have included a complete breakdown of all State deadlines for your reference HERE.

Unfortunately, not all schools have the same deadlines on when you need to apply for Financial Aid as there are many factors that a school uses to determine admissions into their school. when it comes to understanding these deadlines it is important to check with your schools admissions department to get the most accurate deadlines.  These deadlines are often found under the schools Financial Aid page.  To explore schools that do not enroll on a semester basis and thus the only deadline you want to worry about are the  Federal and State deadlines, please check our College Finder Page.

FAFSA Walkthrough

To see how easy it is to fill out the FAFSA please enjoy the video below:


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