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Financial Aid Steps was created by a former Director of Financial Aid at one of the largest Universities in the United States with the vision of providing highly unique content that clearly breaks down Financial Aid into laymen terms. Financial Aid should not feel like you are reading a foreign language, so we’ve taken this industry knowledge and streamlined the pertinent and highly valuable information to present a condensed platform of information for your use. Our site is broken down into three main parts that center around the most common questions prospective and current students have when it comes to funding their education:

  1. Financial Aid

  2. Scholarships

  3. Private Student Loans

Financial Aid Steps is set up as a FREE resource to help prospective students feel confident not just about the Financial Aid (FA) process, but to also instill assurance in our readers that you CAN afford a Higher Education Institution.  Going back to school can be a very hard financial choice for many Americans and, truth be known, it’s quite possible to go for FREE!

Financing your education should not road block you from achieving your success;  this site shows you exactly how to take the right steps prior to enrolling in a Professional or Degree seeking program to prevent financial mishaps from happening to  you.

If you have any questions please post below and one of our Financial Aid experts will respond in a timely manner.


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