The 10 Best Scholarship Books

The scholarship process can be very daunting for many students as they start their journey to a hopeful debt free graduation! However, the grim reality is that there are millions of scholarships available and to have the best shot at getting these scholarships you want to make sure you have educated yourself on the tips, tricks and general rules.  By doing so you will greatly increase your chances of receiving multiple scholarships that can greatly or even completely reduce your student loan debt, something that plagues American students.   While there are many books for getting scholarships in the market today, here are some of the best ones based on book sales, consumer reviews and our own experience working with students on obtaining scholarships in 2014:

Top Ten Books for Scholarships (2014)

1. The Scholarship & Financial Aid Solution: How to Go to College for Next to Nothing with Short Cuts, Tricks, and Tips from Start to Finish.

Written by Debra Lipphardt the book consists of detailed information to determine your eligibility for scholarships and gives advice on how not to be stuck with any frauds; which in todays world of online applications becomes very useful.  The book also contains different sections for advice on ones resume, the FAFSA  and preparation for interviews just to name a few. It advises students and hence enables them to be prepared for the interviews and other procedures required to get through the process of acquiring scholarships effectively. This is one of the best books to get advice on the scholarship process as a whole and even though it was written in 2007 it still tops the list as an invaluable resource.

2. The Ultimate Scholarship Book: Billions of Dollars in Scholarships, Grants and Prizes

This book is over 830 pages and provides a comprehensive list of all types of scholarships and grants available. As this is the sixth edition of this book it’s easy to see that the scholarship listings are well organized and contain information on career goals, athletics, background and so on. This book also consists of detailed procedures on how to apply for scholarships and deadlines for the same. Many smaller tips are available in this book, which help the students be aware of the awards and scholarships available.


3. The Everything Paying For College Book:Grants, Loans, Scholarships, And Financial Aid — All You Need To Fund Higher Education.

This book,written by Nathan Brown and Sheryle A. Prope has a huge collection of scholarship details for students and their parents.  It guides a student on how to fill out the forms needed for most any scholarship application, advises the students and enables them to be prepared for the interviews and other helpful tips required to get through the long process of acquiring scholarships effectively. This book can be considered as a genuine handbook for students who are applying for scholarships or grants.  As an added bonus there are many additional concepts  on how to prepare yourself for college, Unsubsidized vs subsidized loans, and other great responsible borrowing  techniques are explained in detail in this book at the beginning to ensure the right mindset is set up prior to reading about how to get scholarships.

 4. How to Go to College Almost for Free

It is said the best adviser is the one who has gone through the process themselves and that is exactly what the author (Ben Kaplan) of this How To Go To College, Almost for Free has done.  He is well known among teachers and students and taken very seriously as he is living proof of how to get these scholarships and grants Kaplan motivates you through inspirational words and a systematic, step-by-step guide to be in the best position to get scholarships.  A newer version of this book would probably have moved it up closer to the top spot!


5. Peterson’s Scholarships, Grants & Prizes

This book is published annually and contains fairly up to date information . We use the word “fairly” on purpose because in todays world things change in regards too websites, deadlines, etc… However, the deadlines and requirements are pretty much spot on.  This very large book (960 pages) is divided into many sections, which include information about career goals, strategy’s on how to find scholarships, and the other normal parts of any great scholarship book. The bright point of the book is really the great breakdown of organizations listed in this book that are rare and whose information is not well distributed. The book also has the details required by an applicant such as the eligibility requirements, amount of money and contact information for all the available scholarships laid out nicely.

6. Confessions of a Scholarship Winner: The Secrets that Helped me Win $500,000 in Free Money for College – How You Can Too! 

Written by Kristina Ellis, who has a very inspiring scholarship success story that may resonate with many other students whose families cannot afford to support them after High School. Kristina Ellis construed a plan to get through the tough times by earning money through awards and scholarships.  As the title states, she earned around half a million dollars through the awards which were enough to take care of her college fees.  With that said, this book revolves around her life story and the loops and heaps she found during her journey towards graduation. She has included many tips to enlighten the students for effective interviews and resumes.

7. Full Ride To College: How To Win Scholarships And Get Admitted To The College Of Your Dreams

Andrew F. Knight, a winner of over $1 million and a person who broke many records for acquiring scholarships to get admission in the most prestigious college at MIT. His book comprises of information that helps the students to balance work and school in not so conventional manners. Moreover, Andrew also discusses many ways to raise the GPA of high school students, which will enable the students to stand out more for scholarships. This book can be considered as a genuine handbook for the students who are applying for scholarships or grants while they are still in high school  This book was written in 2008, but with no real scholarships to apply for listed it is ranked because of the tips on preparing oneself to apply.

8. Paying for College without Going Broke

A Princeton Review book and foreword from the former president Bill Clinton makes this book quite popular to read.  This annually published book, is great for parents (or students) that are getting ready to start High School as it allows for real preparation to stand out once your student is applying for scholarships their senior year.  The book also guides students to get through the enrollment procedures for FAFSA and other awards. It also includes all the scholarships and grants lists available and is a complete guide for students and parents both. The book also prepares and enables students for the interviews and other procedures required to get through the process of acquiring scholarships effectively.

9. Scholarships 101: The Real-World Guide to Getting Cash for College

Written by Kimberly Ann Stezala the book includes tips to motivate students as well as parents. She guides students to get the scholarship by following her detailed step by step plan.  Kimberley also provides guidelines to rise above other students looking for similar scholarships and grants that are quite suprising. This book can be considered as a genuine handbook for the students who are applying for scholarships or grants.


10. The Scholarship Handbook 2014

Rounding out the top 10 list is the College Boards 2014 Scholarship  Handbook.  The book touts to have over 1.7 million awards listed in the book that are all verified as legitimate by the College Board (a very respected group in Higher Education).  That alone is invaluable, but this information can easily be found on-line as well.  What makes the book useful is the planning worksheet that really helps you zero in on the correct scholarships to apply for.

All Wrapped Up


Well, that rounds out the 10 best scholarship books of 2014. Some were new, but some were classics that still provide a ton of valuable resources to prospective and current college students. If you did not notice while reading the reviews, you can click on the book cover images and it will send you over to Amazon to purchase as we find them to be the best value overall, especially if you use their Amazon Prime option. Here is the link for a free 30 day trial in case you are interested,


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