Scholarship (HQ)

The Scholarship HQ will help you understand what scholarships to look for that best fit you, an adult learner!

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Private Student Loans HQ

Private Student Loans HQ will give you more insight on what to look for and when it is a good idea to apply for these loans.

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Financial Aid HQ

The Financial Aid HQ page has everything laid out with examples in laymen terms to make sure you clearly understand.

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Welcome to Financial Aid Steps!

Clearly breaking down the Financial Aid process as a whole is our number one goal at Financial Aid Steps. Our employees work in the University setting and understand how to articulate the answers to the many common and not so common questions all prospective and current students have.

Our mission is to provide all learners with the facts and tips from start to finish about the Financial Aid, Scholarship and Private Student Loan process so you can make a well informed decision on how to finance your education. We are here to serve you!

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